Eris Properties Mauritius focusses on the identification of suitable property development investment opportunities and implementation through development management including conceptualization, feasibility, business case, design and implementation to fully functioning business operations.
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Eris Properties Mauritius’ management solution offers the following services:
  • Sourcing of suitable tenants
  • Coordination of development
  • Outputs and tenant requirements to conclusion of lease agreements with tenants
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Eris Properties Mauritius is a subsidiary of the Eris Property Group, and has been established in Mauritius to source and facilitate Property Development Investment opportunities, and provide Property Development services including Development Management and Project Management services to its fund investment partners and clients. (Our primary client in Mauritius is Momentum Africa Real Estate Fund (MAREF).

Eris Properties Mauritius will also carry out Asset and Property Management services related to its own developments, and where feasible other client’s developments, assets and properties.
Eris Properties Mauritius was originally incorporated in August 2011 as a private company with a Global Business License for onshore operations. It was later converted to a local business in Mauritius in March 2018. It then established a 75/25% partnership with Omnicane who are one of the 2 major sugar producers, a significant power producer, and a property development company in Mauritius. Omnicane is a public company, listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, and has been in operation for 92 years.
Mauritius Property — Investors’ Paradise
Eris Property Group is marketing the Business Gateway, a flagship industrial development located inside the Mon Trésor Free Trade Zone in Mauritius   There is more to Mauritius than its picturesque beaches and easy island living, which is helping the country to attract a lot of...
Published 22 August 2018
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